Yarra Creative were originally selected to host their digital delivery platform of their product. Upon commencement of their project Yarra Creative were then engaged as their strategic technology partner to resolve gaps in their digital blueprint, digital sales and marketing, branding, business management and business coaching.


Just Get Active specialises in the design and implementation of engaging & innovative online programs, PD’s and workshops. Our unique Primary Cognercise Program aims to improve the long-term Health and Wellbeing of all Primary School teachers, students and their families.


Yarra Creative had to rectify the relationship in which UI/UX played on their platform. The existing platform was lacking in a symbiotic relationship between UI / UX. We have since focused on balancing the competing needs to allow for teachers and students to interact with their platform with ease.


Being an interactive educational platform for the students, visual and interactiveness was the challenge we had to overcome. We were engaged to develop the characterisation of the personalities of Just Get Active. We are now developing their future design elements.

Cloud Solutions

Just Get Active’s product is in their videos and, a cloud based storage solution is critical to ensure the viability of their business. Typical cloud based solutions lack the sophistication to allow cost and performance to be effectively managed. We have since delivered an enterprise cloud based solution with disaster recovery capability that is cost effective.

Video Streaming

Just Get Active streaming requirements needed a more complex solution to ensure that their streaming service to their consumers was uninterrupted whilst maintaining its quality. We had to deploy an encoding and streaming solution that maintained a high level of quality whilst maintaining a reasonable unit cost.


App Development

Part of their product strategy is to increase user functionality through future interactivity with the platform.

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